Apr 18, 2014

Eggcellent Chicks



I didn’t die any eggs this year but I do have fun making these guys!

For the recipe in pictures from last year  go here












Have an eggcellent day!


Stuffed egg chicks


  • Peeled hard boiled eggs
  • 1 tsp. parmesan
  • mayonnaise
  • mustard optional
  • capers for eyes
  • carrot for feet and beak

Slice eggs in half 1/3; remove yolks and set whites aside. In a small bowl, mash yolks with a fork. Add the mayonnaise, parmesan, mustard; mix well. Adjust ingredients for taste.

Stuff filling into bottoms of egg whites and place top on. Cut out feet and beaks from carrot slices. Use capers for eyes.

Make ahead or eat right away.

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Apr 17, 2014

April PhotoADay list



I’m a little behind but here is the april PhotoADay list (and how to play if you’re new).


1 something purple

Red Buds.


2 dirty


Don’t ask.


3 shapes

Frost on the window.


4 good together

Mini horses.


5 not mine

I saw this guy just sitting in a tree on the side of the road.


6 taste of spring


7 where id rather be



8 hobby


14 in my hand

These are gluten free kiwi key lie pie bites. SO good! I will be making them at some point.


16 reading this


If you want a laugh you can see how this dad and his son feel about winter here. He’s also a photographer with inspiring work.


17 something I learned


Don’t laugh, I just learned this. It’s surprisingly simple.

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Apr 14, 2014

Douglas lake at night



We had some beautiful weather this weekend  and here are a few photos taken with a 20.00 tripod.

It cooled off just enough that the mosquitoes went a away yet was still pleasant.






The moon was so bright it was lighting up the shore. 



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Apr 11, 2014

Pink cherry, Red dogwood and Redbud inspired social icons

free pink social icons pinkcherry

It’s been a while since I’ve given away free social media icons. Well, today I was inspired by the blooming trees to make some watercolor paint icons  in pink for the cherry blossoms, that are in full bloom.

free red dogwood social icons

Red, for the red dogwoods that are just starting to bloom.

purple red bud icons

And purple for the red buds that are almost done.

pink watercolor social media icons

This free icon set in pink , purple and red includes:

Linked in
Google plus

download here

Hope you enjoy
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Apr 9, 2014

Red quinoa and Bulgarian yogurt smoothie

bulgarian yogurt quinoa smoothie-1738


Super creamy breakfast smoothie.


bulgarian yogurt quinoa smoothie-1722


This yogurt! If you like Butterworks plain yogurt flavor you’ll want to try this Bulgarian yogurt!


bulgarian yogurt quinoa smoothie-1723


I managed to completely forget to take one single photo of the cooked red quinoa!

So right here just pretend there’s a photo of red quinoa being put in a blender. Thanks.


bulgarian yogurt quinoa smoothie-1724


Spoon in yogurt.


bulgarian yogurt quinoa smoothie-1726


pour in some agave nectar.


bulgarian yogurt quinoa smoothie-1730


Toss in frozen orange pieces.


bulgarian yogurt quinoa smoothie-1733


Add avocado.


bulgarian yogurt quinoa smoothie-1727


Throw in ice.


bulgarian yogurt quinoa smoothie-1728


And blend it all up.


bulgarian yogurt quinoa smoothie-1734


Add fruit juice and blend until mixed.


bulgarian yogurt quinoa smoothie-1735


Serve right away or put it in the fridge for later.


Red Quinoa and Bulgarian yogurt Smoothie



1 cup cooked red quinoa

3/4 cup Organic plain Bulgarian yogurt or any kind of yogurt

1/4 cup Agave nectar

1 cup frozen orange pieces or other frozen fruit

1/2 Avocado

1 cup fruit juice

1 cup ice cubes


Toss in blender and blend until smooth. Adjust agave amounts to taste.

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Apr 7, 2014

Submarine, make your own



Yesterday at the park I learned how to make a “Deep sea underwater summerine”.

Here, let me show you.




So first you have to pick out a perfect stick and secure a dandelion to it with a piece of grass.




Then the tricky part comes




You’ve got to tie a little rock to the stick for weight.




But sometimes the rock falls off so you have to look in the grass for it




and start all over.




Next you need a spikey seed pod thing  from some plant that will float.




Carefully tie that on.




If you start tying the grass before you put it on the stick sometimes it’s better.




Here it is completed and ready for launch.




Just take it down to the water



and set it in.

And that’s all there is to it.

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