321 Bridge 2017 Update: Done

by - 10:22 AM

It happened! The day I'd been waiting for came, I drove across the new 321 bridge!

Actually it went more like this: I'm driving home and see they've rerouted the traffic with a whole bunch of barricades and cones and then it hit me! I'm driving across the new bridge!! I rolled down the window and cheered. It was dark out. Nobody saw. 
Today I brought my camera and a lens to share a visual update.

Meanwhile, they have wasted no time in moving right over to work on the old bridge that goes right over the dam and the lock.

This is the view of the old bridge from the upstream side.

For the pixel peepers out there, they'll probably see there are a few smudges on some of the photos. They are right. Its from raindrops on my lens. I did not bring a rain coat because "I was only going to be a minute" We're now getting some of the Hurricane Harvey weather here in Tennessee. So I ended up running/walking really fast all the way back to the car.
That's all for this time!

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