The Amigos, partⅡ

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The photographer amigos and I next headed down a one lane forest road into the steep valleys of North Carolina.



They didn’t get very far before somebody had to stop because they saw something.




They got out their gear




and set it up all over again.




They checked settings,




and changed lenses again.


hound dogs


These hounds were waiting  to get out and enjoy the day too.  I told them they were cute as I walked by but they just gave me that sad look.




While others shot from the bridge I stumbled down the bank because I thought I saw a picture in the middle of the brook.




Later in the day I was driving by a farm thinking there might be some good picture on this road.




Chris was already there thinking the same thing.




Chris is very focused about what he does. He does not partake in conversation while photographing.

I saw some of his work that evening. Wow. Maybe I should try not talking. On second thought Nah, ain’t  going to happen.





Then we all met back at the house and learned a few things about editing before dinner. I’m sure some things went right over my head but I still picked up a few useful pieces.





Brenda found these reflections and water patterns in the river. I like them, nice job.






Paul made an outstanding sweet potato soup.

I didn’t see him make it so I don’t know what all went into it but it sure was good.



sweet potato soup-0521


I’m looking forward to seeing all of the amigos again next year.


P.S. As soon as I get Paul’s recipe I’ll have to make it again and share it with all of you.

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  1. Outstanding. I love both Amigo part I and II ! Thank you, Pancake-Ninja. Photo-journalism at it's best...


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