Fresh Corn chowder

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corn chowder recipe


With fall temperatures it is officially soup weather and this Fresh corn chowder reminded me just how much I like soup. I call this soup three bowls good. I only went back for seconds and then just a little more. It makes pretty good reheated left overs too.


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Here’s what you need. Plus all the things I forgot because I was busy thinking about soup.


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Boil  corn in about 2 quarts of water; cool and scrape off cobs, getting all the germ; strain the water to remove corn silk residue, and set aside about 2 cups


corn bacon soup-0007


into the strained corn water


corn bacon soup-0008


add cubed potatoes,


corn bacon soup-0010


garlic and onions. Cook until until tender.


corn bacon soup-0015


Then add corn,


corn bacon soup-0017


milk, half and half, 


corn bacon soup-0018


Salt and pepper to taste


corn bacon soup-0020


and crumbled bacon pieces.

cook on medium heat until warmed through.


corn chowder recipe -0026


Serve immediately.


Fresh Corn chowder



  • fresh corn 3 to 5 ears: husked, washed and boiled in about 2 quarts of water;  cool and scrape off cobs, getting all the germ;  strain the water to remove corn silk residue, and set aside about 2 cups
  • yukon gold potatoes,   about 1 1/2 pounds:  washed, cubed and boiled in strained corn water
  • onion,  1 medium, chopped and sauteed in a bit of oil or butter
  • celery, 1 stalk, chopped
  • garlic,   2 to 3 cloves, minced
  • herb salt, to taste,  1 to 3 teaspoons
  • ground white pepper, several good shakes
  • milk,   2 quarts
  • half and half,   half a cup
  • bacon, 3 to 4 crisp slices: snipped or crumbled



In the pot of corn water , cook the potatoes with the onions and garlic, ;  then add remaining ingredients and cook on medium heat until warmed through;  add more reserved corn water if desired.


Serve immediately.

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  1. Hi,

    Greetings from Australia!

    Your corn chowder looks wonderful and would love to give this recipe a try :D

    Glad that I found your blog. Your photography is first class and everything that you cook looks wonderful. Now following you at blogger, Twitter and Pinterest. Hope to hear from you too.


  2. Thanks Zoe.
    I Like your name, your parents have good taste.

    Congratulations on running that marathon! I once ran 8 miles and thought my legs fell off at mile six!
    So I have no idea how I managed to finish, all I know is it wasn't pretty.


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