The Meteor showers

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meteor showers huckleberry knob-0296

f/4, ISO-800, 77 sec, 18mm

This time I did not sleep right through the meteor showers.

There was no moon to be seen, It was a perfect night for loosing a little sleep for some meteor showers.

I got out there at about midnight and realized I had no idea what settings would be good for this. So I just winged it, I left the ISO at 800, aperture at f/4 from how it was set for earlier in the evening and put it on bulb and waited a while to see what would happen.


meteor showers-0297

f/4, ISO-800, 87 sec, 18mm

After yawning a few times and the wind whipping at my jacket I released the cable release and hoped I hadn't stepped on the tripod leg. I usually worry about that after I’ve already done it.



meteor showers -0298


f/4,    ISO-800,   69 sec, 18mm


If it hadn’t been so cold I might have tried an even longer exposure for visible star trails.


Maybe Next time.

I have to go thaw my fingers.

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  1. What is the name of the meteor shower that you observed ?

    I've only seen a meteor shower  once  ( Geminids )  in the mountains in Taiwan, an experience I will never forget.

  2. I think they were the Orionid Meteor Showers, little bits of Halley's Comet raining down.


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