Douglas Dam in the fall

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douglas lake-2468-2


There's a picnic area overlooking Douglas dam that offers a pretty good view. No hiking required and no walking for that matter. You could take photos right from the car if you wanted to.


douglas lake-2472


At the top of the hill is an observation deck with an even better view.


douglas lake--21


Douglas dam under construction. photo courtessy Wikipedia


Douglas Dam was built in the early 1940s. I like this photo of those guys who are probably 80 some-odd years old now working with their old equipment. I wasn’t around back then so I borrowed this Wikipedia photo. I wonder how deep the hole is that they’re trying to pump out.



douglas lake-2452



douglas lake--3


A lot of people like to fish in Douglas lake. Not being a fisher I couldn’t tell you whether it’s good fishing or not.


douglas lake-0076


But I can tell you Douglas lake is a real nice place.

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