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c friday-1661


He take times off from  work to go pick apples with her.

She just loves doing things with him.

She talks. She asks questions, lots of questions.

He takes the time to answer her little questions, when she’s older she will be comfortable and trust him with bigger questions.


What he was actually teaching her was that she is more important to him than his job. Work is a necessity, but his daughter is far more important.   



c friday-1662



Those rubber boots just complete the outfit. As she was putting them on by herself, yes on the wrong feet I asked her where she got them from.

“You sent them to me in a box Aunt Nelya!” she said. 


I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with them.


c friday-1671


c friday-1672


c friday-1682


c friday-1683


c friday-1668


c friday-1670-2


c friday-1689


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  1. the dress is such an obvious choice to go apple picking in, loved it all.


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