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clover11-125f/5      ISO-200   1/160 sec    50mm



f/5.6     ISO-200 1/200 sec 50mm

At first glance it looked like a whole bunch of nothing, then I saw it.         



f/5.6 ISO-200 1/200 sec 50mm

Water had always taken the path of least resistance and been a mud pleaser, let everyone push it around or manipulate it.

But this morning it was evident that things had changed.  



f/5.6 ISO-200 1/200 sec 50mm

Water’s attitude had changed it was bright, positive and had stood up for it’s self.




f/5 ISO-200 1/160 sec 50mm


Clover was cheerful as usual. Everyone smiles when they see Clover.

Clover choses to be happy even when there’s frost on her leaves.

Clover chooses to to stay optimistic even when winter approaching and others have quit flowering.

Clover chooses to to  Find reasons to smile more often.

Clover Blooms where she’s planted.

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