Goodies in a box

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red gold tomato-15004


The UPS truck brought me a surprise today!  Red Gold Tomatoes sent me goodies!

Guess whose going to be making things with tomatoes.


red gold tomato-14994


Ok, lets see what’s in that box.


red gold tomato-14996




red gold tomato-14995


and an apron.


red gold tomato-14997


haha, I guess I’m an official red gold blogger now.


red gold tomato-15016


I bet the diced tomatoes with lime juice and cilantro are going to be delicious in a mango salsa!


red gold tomato-15014


It came with some recipes too. I will probably be modifying them into gluten free recipes that taste a lot like what I normally eat, but at least I’ll like them.


red gold tomato-15011


Oh yeah, they say they’re giving away 2 crock pots a day on their facebook page starting September 17th, that’s tomorrow!


red gold tomato-15012



red gold tomato-15018


AND, I got  “poppin’ stuff” as my niece calls it.

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