321 Bridge Report: March

by - 1:45 PM

321 bridge project-


It was a great day to be pouring concrete yesterday.

I saw the sun reflecting on the water and then I saw it, the mixer backed up to the pump, pumping to a another pump on a barge, pumping to another pump on another barge, pumping it to the pier they were pouring!


321 bridge project--4

321 bridge project--5


Then I spotted all the mixers lined up waiting their turn.


321 bridge project--3


Currently this is the bridge to get across the Tennessee river. I’d love to shoot from that bridge but it’s so busy with so much traffic and as each vehicle passes over it the bridge wiggles so I wouldn’t get a clear photo.


321 bridge project--2


I talked to some old guys in the fishing access parking lot and they said there had been mixers lined up since the first light of dawn.


321 bridge project-19333


When I came back by after dark there were still a row of mixer headlights waiting in line. I didn’t stop for more photos as it had started to rain.

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