Fruit Smoothies

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It's hot out! Perfect for fruit smoothies.
Go to the freezer and pull out whatever random fruit you’ve chopped up and put in there planning for the day you decide to make smoothies. Don’t worry if you can’t find all of it, the rest will be for another day.

Grab that half full container of peaches

The peach sauce that is just too sweet but perfect for something like this.

And yes, the not so good honey dew melon that nobody wanted to eat fresh. This is their come back.
vanilla ice cream, the last of it that no one finished and just isn’t exactly the way it was when the box was first opened
Next get out the blender, any blender works fine. If you’ve got an old school vita-mix that your mother begged from your grandmother that works too.

 I start with enough fruit juice to cover the blades

Spoon in some of the peach sauce

Throw in frozen peach and melon pieces while the blender is running. When it starts to sound like everything is freezing together add a few spoons of ice cream.

I like to put the strawberries in last that way it will be strawberries that are the little chunks if there are any. 

Now its time to open it and see what it tastes like

Sometimes it takes more than one spoonful to be sure it's ok

Now you're ready yo serve all the people who miraculously appeared about this time!

Whatever is left can be put in the freezer in in closed top containers or open. It's not like they are going to stay in the freezer for very long.

The Recipe
Whatever is in your freezer and fridge.

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