Tornado - Waiting for lightning

by - 11:02 AM

Blogging by generator. yup, gotta do what ya gotta do right?
So here's how it happened. 
The sky got dark
Blasts of cold air and blasts of hot air blew by in contradicting directions.

Lightning flashed and for a second it was bright as day.

Then the wall of water came through at break neck speed.

 Thats when i ran back into the house. And then I realized I left the window wide open and we had a minor flood but aside from that everything's fine. Thanks for calling and checking though.

It was gone and the debris was all that was left.

 Bring your own chainsaw.

Dumber was out and looking concerned.

more trees in the road

No power means no TV no internet and more importantly no knowing who won the game 7s! I managed just like people did years ago. Got out the candles and had to wait til later to find out.

The next day the power still wasn't back on and the freezer and refrigerator... and my phone, every one's phones! Wait, my camera battery first!

Come to think of it a shower would be nice before the generator runs out of gas.

The Lily shrugged and said "It's a great day for hockey"

Thats all for now,
Thanks for reading,

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  1. W O W ! ! ! I love the first photo, even though you could have been risking your life to get in the way of a tornado!
    We had warnings here, too...I was outside and saw the big black and greenish cloud heading our direction...but then the tornado warnings turned into just thunderstorm and flooding warnings...and we didn't get much of either...exciting. Glad you and yours are OK!

    Love the lily and the comment below it! =)

  2. Love the way you captured the storm unfold. Especially love the second photo, very dramatic!

    Glad to hear you are ok (and see that Dumber is ok too).


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