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I have always used Firefox for a browser I tried Chrome recently, and I have IE because it comes on my computer but rarely use it. So I did a little comparing.
With Firefox's latest random browser freezes Chrome is starting to grow on me.

IE is unable to display this, and unable to display that so never mind about IE.

Both Firefox and Chrome display responsive templates, though Chrome does a better job without the need to install any add-ons.

My most favoritest thing about firefox (and now Chrome too) is, well a bunch of things but I really like Add-ons! The little free awesomeness called Adblock Plus it blocks all those ads I didn't want to be distracted and annoyed with. Plus if there is a site that I want to support the advertisers on I can make an exception in the setting to show adds on certain pages. When I'm browsing websites I like being in charge.

  Adblock Plus — for annoyance-free web surfing

  • Block all ads automatically, no distractions
  • Browse faster and safer
  • Fully customizable — you are in control
  • Easy to contribute, report issues when you see them
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
Firefox Free Download 

Adblock Plus for Chrome

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