Bob’s Pizza crust

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gluten free pizza-9302


I tried Bob’s Red Mill gluten free Pizza crust mix. I found it at Big Lots of all places.


gf pizza-9303


I did not know it came with a packet of yeast.


gf pizza-9304


But there it was so I used it.


gf pizza-9306


The instructions on the bag are very easy.


gf pizza-9307


I might put just a little less water in next time and add it if it feels like it needs it.


gf pizza-9309


pouring all the water in made dissolving the yeast more of a challenge but I got it.


gf pizza-9310


a couple of eggs


gf pizza-9311


and olive oil


gf pizza-9312


then mixed it together.


gf pizza-9316


Poured in the whole bag of gluten free pizza crust mix


gf pizza-9318


and carefully mixed it. Ok, some of spilled out when I was mixing in a hurry.



gf pizza-9321


In my hurry I forgot that the directions said to let it rise for 20 minutes. I just put it in a backing sheet right away.


gf pizza-9322


This stuff is sticky, I didn’t even try to roll it out with a rolling pin. I just mashed it out with my singers and washed my hands off a lot.


gf pizza-9323


It worked fine if you’re ok with it looking a little lumpy.


gf pizza-9324


While the 1st one was in the oven I wrapped up the other ball of dough to put in the fridge ‘cause they said it can be stored in the fridge. Then I re-read the part about letting it rise for 20 minutes. Oops. So I unwrapped the 2nd one and left it to rise in a bowl on top of the freezer where it’s warm. 


gluten free pizza crust-9339


Here’s the risen dough. Very soft and airy but still very sticky.


gluten free pizza crust9340


So sticky that I grabbed a butter paper and used that to spread it out on the baking sheet.


gf pizza-9341


I think that got it smoother.


gluten free pizza crust-9352


Conclusion from letting it rise or baking right away: Not noticeably different.


Now I’m off to pick out some pizza toppings

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  1. Using the butter paper was a clever move!


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