A visit with Dinner and Steve

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dinner and steve-1614


It’s been a while since I’ve been over to Dinner and Steve’s.

It’s pretty much the same old same old, Steve worries about going into the soup pot every once in a while. Dinner is too busy with the business of just being a turkey to be bothered with any kind of worry period.


dinner and steve-1595


Their days include a morning walk.


dinner and steve-1589


Actually they do a lot of synchronized walking. 


dinner and steve-1604


Under the porch together with all feathers up,


dinner and steve-1601


Out from under the porch together with as many feathers as possible dragging on the ground to make some extra noise and impress all the female turkeys.


dinner and steve-1603


Then it’s off to show off to the cow.


dinner and steve-1612


The cow wasn’t even paying attention!

dinner and steve-1605

They put on their show just the same.


dinner and steve-1613


And then went on their way.

It’s a big job being a turkey all the time.

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  1. I generally consider turkeys kind of homely, but these are rather handsome birds. Nice coloration. That's all.


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