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I was minding my own business driving down the road and then I heard that Whump Whump Flump flump sound. The sound that sounded a lot like the sound of a flat tire. The light turned red and as I sat I hoped it would all get better by the time the light turned green. It didn’t. So I stopped in a parking lot that was not a tire fixing shop, and there weren’t any tire places within view.

As I rummaged around in the trunk looking for those things you hope you won’t need but are glad they’re there when you do I thought about my cousin who had a flat but wasn’t able to change her own tire because she couldn’t break the lug nuts free.

I finally figured out the foldy jack.

A few jumps up and down on the bar and all the nuts did come off YAY! For a minute there I thought my tire changing adventure was going to go the way of my cousin’s as I was holding onto the roof of the car and trying to make myself real heavy stomping on it. Ok, actually it was more like me standing on it and it going boing, boing and then finally pop!

The spare tire even had air in it, double yay. 

Once I had everything  put away I looked at my hands, they were Black! I looked for a rag but that didn’t really clean them up much. Then I see this bar of soap that one of my friend gave me for Christmas. I did not forget to take it out of my car for 3 months, I’ve just been using it as an air freshener that’s all. 

Right then I was really happy that I’d made such a good decision to keep it in the car, I had clean hands in no time and they smelled great! Thanks Michelle!

I could tell it was turning out to be a great day even if it didn’t start out so great.


6 somethinggood

7 5pm

8 story in three

My story in three:

One, I’m trying Back button focus because a lot of photographers I admire say it’s how they do it.

Two, I’ve only tried it for two days. It’s sorta driving me bonkers and you might’ve heard me muttering to my camera “Focus first. Shoot second”

Three, I plan to give it at least three days before I make up my mind.

Four, this is Amy a new photog friend being awesome and modeling for me


9 emerging10 Asymmetrical

11 from down under


Yes, it’s not in focus, I forgot that I’d changed things over to BBF and I forgot to focus first.


12 arranged

13 drive

14 mark the spot


That is the exact spot  where I saw the pillow in the road. And that’s the exact pillow I saw.


15 far away15 far away 2

Smokey sunset.

16 beautifully ordinary

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