In my Hood ~PhotoADay

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2 in my hood

F/2.5  1/250 sec  ISO-800

In my  ’Hood some people still have old-fashioned TVs. My friend’s mom still has her same TV she had in 1978.


3 color 2

F/4.5  1/200 sec  ISO-500   ‏‎


3 on the table3

F/2.2  1/250 sec  ISO-1000   ‏‎

I did some recipe research over the weekend and got a few table photos.


3 on my table

F/3.5  1/50 sec  ISO-1000

Ok, recipe research actually means eating  at friends houses.

This turkey taco salad tasted even better than it looked.


3 on the table

F/3.5  1/100 sec  ISO-2000

This salad was really good. I’m definitely going to have to make it.


3 on the table2

F/2  1/250 sec  ISO-1000

4 play

F/4  1/1600 sec  ISO-100

4 after dark

F/1.4   1/40 sec    ISO-4000

Even though it was really getting dark I decided to embrace the grain and shoot anyway.



5 environment

F/5  1/400 sec  ISO-200

Purple thistles aren’t pretty to walk through but in the early morning light they’re beautiful to look at.


5 road

F/5  1/1250 sec  ISO-200

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