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mexican bean beetles-11636


I over hear:

“I caught some illegal Mexicans honeymooning in my garden! And I took a little knife and squished their heads!”

What?! Ok, ok, I’m listening now I want to see this.  Show me the Mexicans in your garden.


mexican bean beetles-11644


I am brought to the green bean plants and am shown the leaves being defoliated


mexican bean beetles-11651


The bean plants do look pretty bad but what about the Mexicans honeymooning?


mexican bean beetles-11646


sure enough under the leaves there they are, Mexican Bean Beetles.


mexican bean beetles-11647


And yellow patches of eggs on the under side of the leaves.


mexican bean beetles-11649


Then I saw for my self the head squishing. And egg squishing.


mexican bean beetles-11650


Moral of the story, growing beans without pesticides means some for you and some for the bugs.


mexican bean beetles-11653


mexican bean beetles-11639

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