I got sprayed by a Skunk

by - 10:31 AM

skunk dog-5960


Hello everyone, My name is Chase and I got sprayed by a skunk.


skunk dog-5956


This is so embarrassing, no, not the skunk chasing, this tomato juice they’re putting all over me.


skunk dog-5958


Ugh, so just pretend this isn’t happening to me.


skunk dog-5968


Oh no, I don’t like water!


skunk dog-5969


Wait I’m starting to like this tomato stuff.


skunk dog-5972


Oh no, now what’s that? Shampoo?


skunk dog-5977


Oh gah, now I smell like flowers AND my fur is pink!


skunk dog-5978


No, I’m not coming out.


skunk dog-5979


Oo, boat ride. Yes!

I love boat rides! And if I sit kinda low maybe no one will see my pink fur.

I forgave my dog sitters they’ll probably get in bigger trouble with my mom than I will anyway.

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