PhotoADay ~June 12-21

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garden june-5778 

A few more PhotoADay photos for you. More on PhotoADay here if you want to play too.


12 jump

Comet loves to play fetch in the water.

12 jump 2

12 jump 3

13 exersize

Practicing Panning is a fun exercise. Plus it’s good exercise for your friend who has to keep pushing that shopping cart until you get it right.

13 kitchen


14 11e am

The boys are working on building the road for the new Lenoir City bridge.


14 dinner

15 above

The tomatoes are on their way.

16 family

My father played baseball and it was pretty much the only sport he had an interest in. When I started playing hockey that all changed. I converted him and now he’s a hard core fan and stays up for triple over time and has “Hockey Hangovers” the next day.


17 centered

I took these on the 15th but I’m not going to be a stickler on this PhotoADay stuff. This is for fun and to try photographing different things. I can tell you taking a photo of a tv is tricky or I’m doing something wrong. I haven’t figured out which it is yet.


17 blue


18 today I


18 currently reading

This green tea ice cream recipe looks so good and so do the quinoa zucchini cakes.


19 groceries

The zucchinis are on their way.

20 upsidedown

I almost ended up upside down trying to lean over or off of the wet rock to see the black berries better.

20 cute


21 lunchtime

Sometimes lunch looks like that, just a bunch of random stuff thrown on a plate and called a salad.



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  1. I love these photo a day things. The variety appeals to me I guess.


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