April PhotoADay list

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I’m a little behind but here is the april PhotoADay list (and how to play if you’re new).


1 something purple

Red Buds.


2 dirty


Don’t ask.


3 shapes

Frost on the window.


4 good together

Mini horses.


5 not mine

I saw this guy just sitting in a tree on the side of the road.


6 taste of spring


7 where id rather be



8 hobby


14 in my hand

These are gluten free kiwi key lie pie bites. SO good! I will be making them at some point.


16 reading this


If you want a laugh you can see how this dad and his son feel about winter here. He’s also a photographer with inspiring work.


17 something I learned


Don’t laugh, I just learned this. It’s surprisingly simple.

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