Fat wiggly puppies

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little puppies-16102


We got to meet 9 fat wiggly Poodle Anatolian Shepard great Pyrenees puppies. 

You may remember just last year Allison Krauss, the Anatolian Shepard /great Pyrenees was a fuzzy white puppy herself and now she’s a teenage mother. James Taylor  the long legged black poodle is now a young dad. James works hard to provide for his young family. Or something like that. Well maybe more like he gets told to stop being so hyper and gets taken for walks to use up some of his extra energy. In any case he didn’t make it into any of the puppy photos.


little puppies-16096


Allison likes visitors because she gets biscuits. 


little puppies-16100


The curious puppies came out to meet us first.


little puppies-16118


Allison kept an eye on us.


little puppies-16101


Then there were so many puppies excited to see us they were too hard to count and they all were black except for a few with white bits here and there.


little puppies-16115


little puppies-16113




little puppies-16121


Look at those huge puppy paws!

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