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Laurel Snow area visit-17935


We met Mable, this gorgeous Collie at the Laurel Snow area. 

She just came running up to us like we were her long lost friends!

She was certainly not hungry and her coat was freshly groomed.

I asked her if she lived near by. She wouldn’t say but her tags confirmed that.


Laurel Snow area visit-17932


I figured she sneaks out after her mom goes to work and she probably hurried back to be sitting on the porch when mom gets back.  Mable refused to agree or disagree with any of that.


Laurel Snow area visit-17856


To the right of the trail is the old coal mine entrance


Laurel Snow area visit-17858


Laurel Snow area visit-17859


Laurel Snow area visit-17860


Laurel Snow area visit-17861


Laurel Snow area visit-17863


Laurel Snow area visit-17864



Laurel Snow area visit-17865



Laurel Snow area visit-17866


Laurel Snow area visit-17879


The sign was right, the bridge was “out”.

Laurel Snow area visit-17880


The bold souls skootched across the fallen tree.


Laurel Snow area visit-17882


Laurel Snow area visit-17885


The timid souls (I was one of them) Skootched across this log.  Mable waded across. My camera was packed up just in case…


Laurel Snow area visit-17886


Laurel Snow area visit-17891


Laurel Snow area visit-17892


Laurel Snow area visit-17893


Laurel Snow area visit-17896


We didn’t go all the way to either falls. But there were some little falls here and there.


Laurel Snow area visit-17908


And rocks, lots of those.


Laurel Snow area visit-17940


Laurel Snow area visit-17998


When we got back to the parking lot Mable’s mom came to pick her up.

Mable’s mom said she has made so many friends through Mable. She told us Mable does this about once a week she is now 10 years old and rather lame so for the next 3 or so days she just sits on the couch. She got Mable as a rescue dog and Mable she hoped Mable would slow down and not go these long hikes but old age hasn’t seemed to stop her.


Laurel Snow area visit-17934


If Mable could talk she’d brag about her hard working, optimistic, positive, cancer surviving mom and the good life Mable and her mom have, the leather couch that is oh so comfortable after a crazy 5 mile hike just to walk down another glorious trail by some random hiker’s side, the good dog food that the neighbor dog loves too, and just being Mable’s favorite person in the whole world!


Laurel Snow area visit-17936


If you are lucky, you too may get to meet Mable somewhere out in the Laurel Snow area on a trail. If you do, just call her mom, the phone number is on Mable’s tags.

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  1. Just loved Mable's photo shoot! Thank you Nelya for your gorgeous photos. Mable sends regards, too!

  2. Hoping to see her again when the weather get warmer


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