The story of PancakeNinja

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I went camping with some friends, Roger and Puma. We were cooking pancakes from a box mix from probably the dollar store with wild blueberries I’d picked the previous day. And yes, fake syrup. Nothing against Aunt Jamima but she just doesn’t know about real Maple syrup. Maple syrup isn’t part of this story so never mind that for now.
This was on a little camp stove in a little camp pan and a little plastic spatula. Roger cooked some for us. Then Puma offered to cook some so Roger could eat. She carefully checked and rechecked to see if the bottom was cooked enough. I took a turn to let Puma eat.
Instead of turning the pancake over with the spatula, I think I couldn’t remember where the little spatula was I flipped the pancake over in one motion with just the pan. Puma said “Ooo, Pancake Ninja!”
That’s the story of the beginning of PancakeNinja.
Oh, we ate with plastic sporkifes or foonifes or knoroons or whatever camping spoon, fork and knife combos are called. Just knew you wanted to know about that part.

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  1. well that was a bit of interesting info for the history books. We all should be eating better from this fun info here. Thanks Nelia, Jimmy

  2. sporks, I'm sure that's it.


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