Jul 3, 2014

A visit to Stone Door

s stone door june visit--2


Stone Door is this big chunk of rock that kinda got separated from the rest of the rock and now is this sort of crack in the rock that you can climb down through. Why don’t I just show you the pictures? It’ll be easier than me trying to explain it.


s stone door june visit-11276


I think it’s located in Grundy county TN. It’s up on the Cumberland Plateau and you have to drive up and up and up to get there.


s stone door june visit-11287


The trail starts out paved


s stone door june visit-11288


and is almost wide enough to drive on.


s stone door june visit-11296


A third of the way in it changes to dirt/sand, still a well maintained trail.


s stone door june visit-11309


Then you’re walking along and can tell you’re almost to the view


s stone door june visit-11297


and there’s a crack in the rock and it’s separated right about where I’m standing! Except there’s this piece of rock I’m on that’s bridging across.


s stone door june visit--3


I went out on the edge to try to see but I didn’t want to get too close because it was waaaay down there.


s stone door june visit-11307


s stone door june visit-11300


s stone door june visit-11321


s stone door june visit--6


From the bottom looking up.


s stone door june visit--7


part way back up.


s stone door june visit--5


looking straight up.


s stone door june visit--4


almost back up.


s stone door june visit-11282


Then, it just so happened that the bathrooms weren’t working at the main parking lot. So we had to use


s stone door june visit-11284


the out houses in one of the camping areas. There weren’t that many spiders and it didn’t stink too badly.

The ranger said it’s super busy in the fall, the park, not the out house, so summer is a great time to visit.


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