Meeting Jackson Jr.

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little donkey-12056


Rebecca introduced me to the new baby donkey, not even a week old.


little donkey-12061


C’mon, just climb over the fence and meet them, they’re friendly.


little donkey-12074


So over the fence we went and met mama and Jackson Jr.


little donkey-12075


Please don’t ask me what mom donkey’s name is I forget. Oh wait maybe it’s marshmallow Or this might be Valentine. Marshmallow might be the white one come to think of it.


little donkey-12050


Once we were in the pasture they hurried over to us.


little donkey-12051


Little 7 day old Jackson loves Rebecca. She says “He thinks I’m his mom.”


little donkey-12053


Pet him, he’s so fuzzy.


little donkey-12079


He likes to nuzzle on my shirt

little donkey-12052


He also likes to suck on my fingers.


This is when I got a little nervous that she was going to invite me to try. I gripped my camera more tightly and prepared to explain how I didn’t really have a free hand…


little donkey-12081


But I got lucky, she’d moved on to show me that he has teeth and only bites softly.


little donkey-12080



Uh yeah, I guess they’re nice donkey teeth.


little donkey-12057


None of this seemed to bother Jackson Jr. he get’s this kind of stuff from mom grooming him all the time anyway.


little donkey-12084


Then he got tired and sat down for a rest.


little donkey-12055


Then she started saying something about being a grandmother already.

Huh, what?! You mean that donkey is a grandmother? I asked.

No, me. I’m a grand mother. See, that donkey over there, I’m it’s mom, she had that donkey right there, and that donkey had this donkey, so I'm it’s grand mother! And, it’s pregnant so I’m gonna be a great grandmother too!!

I laughed. Now that I under stood all the donkey genealogy properly. 


little donkey-12076


And that’s the news from the pasture.

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