PhotoADay ~July

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root vegetables-10965


So PhotoADay hasn’t worked out so well in July for me. But here are the few that I did get done.

DNF is better than Did not start right?




This is the #FMS PhotoADay list I started with great intentions.


july photoaday-12455


Red and White. Day !


july photoaday-12459


Begins with K. Day 2.


july photoaday-12457


Match. Day 3.


july photoaday-12463


Stars and on the table. Day 4 and 5.


july photoaday-12467


First pickles of the year. Day 7.




I’ve never seen a cute puppy and kid I didn’t want to stop and say hello to. Day 8.


june photoaday-10303


Alive. Day 9.




Sharp, day 10.



Look down. Day 13.


june zucchinis-12513


More. Day 11.





Old school and torn. Days 14 and 15.

june photoaday-10300


Torn, to use or not. This photo’s from June. Yeah that’s it. Maybe I’ll start on September now and get a head start on it.

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