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chocolate ricotta mousse-14201


#kitchencandy alert! Yes, I just got my hands on a new cookbook with beautiful photos and mouthwatering food styling inspiration!!!


chocolate ricotta mousse-14168


I opened Erin Gleason’s book up and just flipped through the pages.  It was love at first sight.


chocolate ricotta mousse-14169


I love how here recipes are laid out!


chocolate ricotta mousse-14170


Yeah, I’d eat that.


chocolate ricotta mousse-14171


Oo, that looks good too.


chocolate ricotta mousse-14172


This too.


chocolate ricotta mousse-14173


Oh purple potatoes, now I need some.


chocolate ricotta mousse-14174


This would be good with cheese I’m sure.


chocolate ricotta mousse-14175


Yes, strawberries!


chocolate ricotta mousse-14176


Apple season will be here before you know it.


chocolate ricotta mousse-14177


Hold on, I can make this now! I have all the ingredients in the house.  Talk to you later, I’m off to make a mess with chocolate so I can lick the spatula.


chocolate ricotta mousse-14202


The photos were so captivating that I never did find out who the photographer was or who the food stylist was.

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