End of Summer Peach Sorbet

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Peach season here is pretty much over, along with the month of August.  So to celebrate the last of the peaches, and August I made this peach sorbet today.


peach sorbet-14282



peach sorbet-1-2

All you need is a bunch of peaches.


peach sorbet-14257



peach sorbet-14258


Some fruit juice, I used lemonade and strawberry concentrate.


peach sorbet-14260


Ice. I don’t really recommend that you try to stack your ice cubes into a pyramid just for a photo


peach sorbet-14261


..because, Yeah, that’s why. When the ice starts to melt it made the cubes all slippery and they immediately fell over.


peach sorbet-14262


Then stuff the peaches into the blender. I had to force mine a little.


peach sorbet-14264


Add lemonade concentrate,


peach sorbet-14266


and strawberry.


peach sorbet-14267


add ice and blend until smooth.


peach sorbet-14269


Pour into a pan.


peach sorbet-14271


Freeze until somewhat firm.


peach sorbet-14279


When it’s somewhat firm scrape or stir any frozen chunks. 


peach sorbet-14280


Scoop into dishes and serve.


peach sorbet-14282


Yeah, it’s that good.


End of Summer Peach Sorbet


5 peaches

5 oz. lemonade concentrate

3 oz. strawberry juice concentrate

4 cups of ice


Toss all in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into pan and freeze until somewhat firm. Scrape with a fork to break up any frozen chunks. Scoop into dishes and serve.

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