The Day of my life: Snow Day

by - 9:54 PM

 Snow. We have snow in Tennessee.
I was out with my neighbors Em and her sister when Leigh stopped to tell us that Shaddon Valley Estates was having a Y’All Come sliding party with everything; a fire to warm up by, sleds and even a car hood to slide on! I had to go, just had to check this out! All those winters in Vermont and I never experienced car hood sliding.
 Riding over in the back of her truck I said something about hitchhiking and getting a ride.
 Em, dead seriously asks me if I do this a lot.
 Slide on car hoods? hitchhiking?! This isn’t hitchhiking, she offered us a ride and she’s our neighbor. To hitchhike you have to stick your thumb out like this.
 Em thought about it for a minute, then as we pulled into the sliding party she smiles her movie star smile and says “This is the day of my life.”
1993 was the last time it really snowed. Em pointed out to me that
“That was a Looong time ago; it was before I was even born!”

I rode the car hood and when we started spinning backwards at full speed all I could think was
 Never mind my hair, how's my camera.

The best part of the day was to see so many adults so excited about playing in the snow. They should do that more often, get excited and enjoy little things.

Uncles are the best!


C'mom Dad

 Yes, you're riding with us

 Give us a push Guru!

 And we're off.

 She took a few very successful rides backwards


This one just wasn't one of those.

She got right up and went back for more.

            Until it next time
                    it snows again.

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