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I read some good reviews about WLW So I tried it. And it's free so why not.
Setting it up was pretty self explanatory. Plus, if I ever get in a jam I go watch a YouTube tutorial.

I love all of you who take the time to make how-to videos to help me out of jams and mental blocks!

 WLW has photo edges/frames boarders that are in Microsoft word! And it offers you the option to go with the default style of your blog too. Something called CSS, i wouldn't know but that's what they say. I like the drop shadow.
What I like best is I can easily choose what size I want to display my photo without going to the HTML and manually typing exact height and width. Click and drag! Blogger's editor only offers 3 image sizes and the large is is about 70 pixels too big for my blog layout so this is the best news for me! No more clicking on edit HTML, when I really don't know what I'm looking at.

I must confess that I am writing this post on the blogger editor because, I'm a dork and forgot to open WLW.

Check it out you might like it.


Easy to use
No code expertise needed
Off-line writing, editing
Backs up posts
Publishes to your host
Windows only

Windows Live Writer is completely free to download and use locally on your computer. It might take a few more minutes to download and configure Windows Live Writer than some other free offline blog editors, but once the initial work is done, it is extremely easy to use.
Windows Live Writer also includes features that aren't available in online blog editors such as one-click image enhancements and uploads.

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