A First hockey game

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Take a friend to see their first hockey game. They just might like it even if they don't know what's going on.

Friend: What happened?
Me: Uh, he ran into the big guy.

Friend: Why are they fighting?
Me: I don't know. They just do that sometimes.

The Refs make them stop when someone falls down.

friend: How fast can they skate?
Me: On average players can skate at speeds in excess of 22mph. Some can skate up to 40mph!
 Don't cry, it's not your fault your name is Cryer. Yeah maybe that's not what he said  exactly.


A shove to the back...

 back up for more 

 Not to be left out the goalie tries to get a cross check in too

...Then they exchange words. It must be good because the ref tries to listen too!

  A bunch of man hugging and bodies fall everywhere.

 I think we have a new hockey fan.
 If you're anywhere near Knoxville Next game is March 19th do come and bring a friend it's lots of fun.

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