3rd out of three

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Second place is just the first loser. Well we didn’t have to be disappointed with a second place finish, we came in 3rd. Yes, it was very sad, we lost both games in over time.

This little 5’2” defender may not look like a bully but what happened seconds after I took this picture had every coach and player on the other team’s bench throwing their hands up in the air and all hollering “C’mon ref!”

She sat in the box and felt some shame.
She explained later that she just took an angle to the puck and the other girl took an angle to the puck and in the process they collided and the other girl fell down.

We tied it up and stayed that way through over time.

In the shoot out Amy put the biscuit in the basket.

I had to show you this picture too even though you can’t see the puck that’s now in the net.  you can see the goalie’s water bottle bouncing up in the air from the puck hitting the back of the net. 

After the game I had to go say hi to Anastasia, my # 1 fan.
Her Gramma, who just happens to be my aunt also came to watch one of my very first youth hockey games. She’s always been the most fun aunt, always up for doing things kids really appreciate.  At four years old I knew her house was the most fun place ever because you were allowed to lick your plates and jump on the beds.

In our second game we got on the board early.

I saw Nichelle come to the blue line and wind up

I was hoping to get her stick flexing as she shot.

She just put the turkey in the oven, the biscuit in the basket, the cat in the hat. And she put it way up where mama hides the cookie jar! My camera was kinda like their goalie,

we missed it and by the time we realized what happened it was already a goal.

Our goalie was outstanding! She’s one of the best players on our team.

Afterward we went to the beach to think about next season. Because the end of one thing is just the beginning of another.

  Right next to us was a few families with a  bunch of 9 year old competitive dancer gymnasts.

They did cart wheels along the beach.

And leaps   

This was great because I did not have to try to get my team to do any jumping or leaping and after seeing these girls there was no way any of us were going to go out and embarrass ourselves. We had a blanket to hold down and a cooler to keep track of.

This girl also did push ups for fun but they weren’t just push ups, she’d clap her hands together on each up!

As we packed up to go we had an Atlantic sunset.
Next I’ll post the food pictures from our trip.

I missed all the tornadoes while I was gone. They hit 10 miles away.
Everyone’s OK. Thanks for asking.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your 3rd place finish, but I'm sure you had fun getting there!  there is always next year!
    Fantastic shots of the kids at the beach!  The Atlantic sunset is beautiful.


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