Buck Bald at sunset

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Seeing Buck Bald at sunset has been on my do-do list for sometime.



I finally made it up there. This moving the clocks ahead has given me more time to get organized for a sunset.



The Daffy Down Dillies were all over.



The view to the south



There was no one else up there so I used the picnic table.



The 360 panoramic view makes it hard to decide 



What direction is better.



I guess it’s a great place for fourwheeling too. Though it is a 5’ jump down to the parking lot. But that’s all part of the fun I’m sure too bad I missed them. I can already see it four wheeler jumping into the sunset…



Then I waited for the sun.







At about this point I heard a vehicle climbing to cork screw road to the top. I thought maybe I should pack up the sun had already set and I’d just be in the way of some couples evening together.

But I was in the middle of trying to get some daffodils with the setting sun in the background. Which turned out all out of focus and I’m not going to show them to you. Ok, I will.



   Sitting there on the ground I decided they can just go sit at the other picnic table, it’s a public place, I don’t have to leave until I want to.

I saw it’s an F250 diesel, not exactly the vehicle I was picturing. But I like trucks so it’s all good.

Only one door slammed. I finish my picture and see it’s only a guy and a waft of “felony forest” air freshener coming up the hill.

He was disappointed  that he’d missed the sunset.

I started talking, I like people and I like to talk. Told him about the time I came up here for a sunrise and missed it by minutes.

He told me his mother’s camera is better than mine. Well he didn’t say it like that, he said her camera was bigger, cost a lot and once they figured out how to use it they got really good action pictures of him and his friends surfing. I started to think his hair peeking out from under his hat fits a surfer look, then I thought isn't it time you introduced me to your mother? 



He didn’t suggest it. Sigh.

I didn’t get his name.

so maybe we ought to wait a bit before meeting mom anyway.



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  1. Nice shots! Now you've seen Buck bald at sunset and me bald at sunrise!  LOL!
    Glad you're not intimidated by big cameras and lenses.  Keep doing your thing!  You have a good eye and take some great photographs.



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