Gingered green beans with garlic

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Gingered green beans with garlic. The first time I had gingered green beans was at a Thanksgiving get-together, Kate and Rich brought them. Actually they cooked them right on the spot. I really don’t know what they put in them, I just know they they were second only to Shamus’ guacamole but that’s another story.

So in honor of those beans, today I make gingered green beans with garlic!



  About an inch of fresh ginger cut into match sticks.  



I like to trip the tops off my beans.



Cook them until they’re bright green, have a little crunch left but are no longer raw.



Fill a bowl with cold water



And dump the beans in to promptly stop the cooking.



Dry on a towel.



In a pan with some olive oil



cook the ginger and garlic.



Then toss in the beans. They should be fairly dry by now. I certainly am not about to individually dry each one.



Stir fry for a couple of minutes or so depending on how much crunch you like in your beans.



And serve warm or make ahead and reheat later.


Gingered green beans with garlic


  • About a 1/2 pound of green beans
  • 1 1” piece of fresh ginger cut into match sticks
  • 2 cloves of garlic sliced
  • olive oil for cooking

Cook beans until bright green and still have some crunch. Remove from pan  and cool in bowl of cold water to stop the cooking promptly. Dry on a towel.

Cook ginger and garlic in olive oil until lightly brown. Toss in beans and stir fry a few minutes or so.

Serve warm or make ahead.


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