Melvin Roberts?

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I’d never heard of Melvin Roberts before not that that means anything ‘cause I don’t keep up on a lot of things.



So when this guy on the trail said he’d been hit by lightning I just asked where he was when he got hit.



He showed us the burn on his wrist where it hit his watch and something about it coming out his knuckles.

He said he was out mowing the lawn when he got hit the eighth time.


He pointed to  his instep and said that’s where most of it exited.

“EIGHT TIMES?!” I asked.

Then he said I’m Melvin Roberts, I was in the National Inquirer.

I stared blankly and said I hadn’t read the national inquirer recently, actually never unless reading the cover still in the rack in the grocery checkout lines counts but I didn’t mention that.



“Google Melvin Roberts when you get home. You can read all about me” he said.



Sure enough google has some stories listed about him.



I think I learned I should stay far far away from Melvin even if it looks like there might be a possible storm.


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