Max Patch in May

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max patch--2

It’s beautiful up here!


max patch--7

If you have some extra time and are out on that stretch of I-40 where the little rock drills are hanging (cabled from cranes) off the top of the rock face drilling and pinning mesh stuff to try to slow down the rock slides Max Patch isn’t very far from there.


max patch--8

Thereis  landscape eye candy in every direction, the Unakas to the north, the Great Smokies to the south, and the Great Balsams and Black Mountains to the southeast.


max patch-1267

At 4629 feet elevation Some of the trees still hadn’t finished unfolding their leaves yet.


max patch-1274



max patch in TN NC

The views are worth the trip.


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  1. That is some beautiful country all laid out for miles and miles... I think my favorite is the fourth one down.

  2. Beautiful shots.  Your highlights in some of  the clouds are blown out.  There are a couple of solutions:
    Use a split neutral density filter to hold back the sky
    or Bracket your image and blend them in Photoshop or use Photomatix to combine them in HDR.

  3.  Hmm, didn't notice the bolwnout until you mentioned it. I was just pleased with the shade of blue I got in the first photo. That shade is what I refer to as "canon blue" because I see plenty of canon cameras capture that shade but for some reason I struggle to come up with it.


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