Flowers for Rebecca

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My life is temporarily in crisis with yesterdays untimely stroke, heart attack, seizure or whatever happened to my desktop. I cannot get to any of my pictures I feel like a part of me is missing. I did find these pictures stashed on usb drive and just looking at what a few flowers can do for a kid made me smile.


 Rebecca came over with her PaPaw one day when the poppies and Bachelor buttons were blooming.
Those little sweaty fingers were thrilled to be told sure, we can pick flowers pick what ever you like.


She picked a few poppies and then stood there remembering a moment, a moment last year when her sister got married. Looked like a princess and had a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Rebecca had hoped her sister would give her some of the flowers but instead a terrible thing happened, her sister threw the flowers to some tall girl. Rebecca had burst into tears. People said things like "Hush Honey, that's how it works at a wedding" and "Bless her heart isn't she precious?"


 Today she had her own flowers



So happy in fact that she  decided to try being a flower for a moment and sat right down in the flower bed with the poppies. Yes, that looks like a dried stick she's holding up to her chin but really it's her stem because she's a flower right now.

 PaPaw said he was a fixin' to go.

Rebecca gave her PaPaw the flowers. He was tickled pink to have his own bouquet of flowers.

Even if seconds later he was told they were his only while she was putting on her seat belt.

I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me

I think she walked on air all the way home.

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  1. experiemental cookMay 31, 2012 at 11:37 PM

    You have captured some very precious moments!

    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from
    the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to
    change - James 1:17

  2. Enjoyed this so much. A day with flowers and a little girl.


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