Computer healing

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computer healing-3157

Good news, good news! My computer has been healed!

See that red thing? That’s the transplanted graphics card from some generous organ donor that knew it would no longer need it after it’s death. So that red card has been in cold storage, well more like a shoe box, yes that’s how they store them,  for months just waiting for someone like me who would need it.

I mentioned last week that my computer has some kind of severe health issues. Very bad issues, so bad that it seemed to be in a coma or something. I was beside myself. Yeah, two of me all upset. It was so bad I even declined the offer to shoot at a wedding because my computer was nearly dead and it just didn’t seem right to leave a sick computer home alone.


computer healing-3140

I went to see a computer healer.


computer healing-3142

He laid hands upon it and said “Why is your RAM loose in here?”

“Wha? My RAM? I don’t know, I did hear something go clunk when I put it in the car” I said.


computer healing-3147

He unplugged things.


computer healing-3145

He removed my graphics card and put in the red one from the organ donor.


computer healing-3149

He brought that “fan in a box'” and said lets make sure it’s not your power supply.


computer healing-3150

And it got up and went! Yay! Oh, wait was it the graphics card or the power supply?


computer healing-3153

Tried putting my graphics card back in and turning it on: Nothing!


computer healing-

Just then my brother called. This is Jake when he was 7 years old.  I use this picture on my caller ID for him it makes me smile when ever I see it.

You can always count on Jake to tell it like he sees it. Jake wanted the very latest on the diagnosis. I told him we had just determined it was a bad graphics card and my power supply is fine.

Jake cheerfully says

“That’s just a Band-Aid but it saves you from having to run down to Best buy and buying the one variety of dog food or cat food they have on the shelf. It’s much better to be able to go to Newegg and make your own cat food.“


computer healing-3157


That’s all for now I must go spec my own cat food.


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  1. I was with you in a vague way until you went all cat food on me. Lost again... but I'm very glad your computer is working again and will be even better after Jake's additional attention and instruction (feeding it cat food as far as I can tell !)


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