The Logging I hear every morning

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Every morning I hear the wah wah waah of the loggers and then after a while I hear the log truck shifting through the gears as he climbs the hill with his load of logs.

Every morning I say I have got to go down there to see what they’re doing, it sounds like so much fun.  I’ve been saying that for close to two months now. 

  I have a few other things on the to-do list but never mind about laundry and bathroom cleaning, that will always be there these guys will one day soon be helping someone else manage their timber and if I don’t go now I may be left wondering what might’ve been.



I had to get a look at this log loader, de-limber, cutter all in one thing. I don’t know what it’s properly called. I’m sorry, I do not know forestry equipment terminology so anyone who does please correct me! 



He uses that grapple thing like an extension of his hand.



Just grabs a few trees, like a handful




and stuff them in and out of the de-limber. It has rolly things with teeth that take the branches right off.



See how sharp, sharp as in nice and clean  they look now?



To chop the tops he sets them on the de-limber thing to the exact length. Watch those arm things



they clamp down to hold the trees for cutting off the tops.



A closer look, on the right is the chainsaw like saw blade just waiting to be told to cut.



Then sawdust flies everywhere and he cuts the tops off.  All in a mater of minutes.



Then up the hill comes the skidder carrying more logs.



He circles by at just the right angle 



to drop off the logs into the pile.



He circles around, he’s not done up here yet



he has to clean up the chopped tops.



He carries them off to where ever the tops go.



At this point the truck is loaded and ready to go.



I talked to the log loader operator for a minute, he said Grampa used to drive the truck and dad used to load the logs.

Now he loads the logs and Dad drives the truck. 



I really enjoy meeting people like that.

I love seeing families having fun working together.

I’m glad I didn’t do those dishes!


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