No, but I have a friend who does

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ballroom TN-4099
This weekend I had another opportunity to challenge myself and my camera, this time it was a ballroom dance competition. When I first talked to Bobby about it he asked if I was familiar with ballroom dancing. I said No. Then in an effort to give me a reference point he said Like Dancing with the stars. I think there was a bit of a pause then he asked if I watched that. I said “No, but I have a friend who does.”
I know, I live under a rock. But it’s a nice rock.  

ballroom TN-3918
So I got there and had no idea what I was looking at.  

ballroom TN-3771
I didn’t know one dance from the next.

ballroom TN-3797
All I noticed was some of the dresses are way too much fun.
ballroom TN-4013

One other thing I did find out real quick was black dresses are too hard for my camera to find and focus on so Please please do not get a black dress if you have the choice.

ballroom TN-4096
Later I found Evan looking over photos from the day and asked him to help me out a little. He folded his arms and I think this is about how it went:
If you’re a guy; dance. You won’t get bored, there are way more girls than guys, heck at times you won’t even get a chance to sit down!

ballroom TN-3785
See, there’s daddy!

ballroom TN-4009
My sister, She’s waiting.

ballroom TN-4083
 she really believes studying is important and practicing her penmanship can ease any nervousness before dancing.

ballroom TN-3979
"Daddy!” he said as if he’d spotted his hero of the day. I told you he gets to dance a lot. And someday I’m going to be just like him.

ballroom TN-4020
With great enthusiasm and whole hearted adoration that only a two year old can give “Mommy!” he said as he saw a green tinted picture of her. It made no difference to him, he knows it’s only the lights.

ballroom TN-4097

ballroom TN-4114
“I don’t know that kid” he said looking at Bobby shooting with his big kid camera.

ballroom TN-4103
Jeh-mee! He said (for Jeremy)

ballroom TN-4134

ballroom TN-4143
I’m not sure what he said about these photos. I thought he said her name was Briana

ballroom TN-4135

ballroom TN-4139 

But then the girl holding his baby sister told me Briana was a friend of his who wasn’t here today.

ballroom TN-4146ballroom TN-4150
Thanks Evan,
I learned a lot. We’ll have to chat again sometime.


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  1. Thank you Nelya for helping me out this weekend with Rocky Top Dance Challenge.  Great shots and I'm glad you had fun.

  2. Fun ! just never know where you'll show up...

  3. The experimental cookJune 19, 2012 at 9:45 AM

    You take amazing photos, especially of children.


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