Sam Knob

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SamKnob -3289

Sam Knob is a beautiful spot at the edge of Shining Rock wilderness in North Carolina.


SamKnob -3247

To get there you get to drive some of the Blue Ridge Parkway


SamKnob -3245

and drive through lots of tunnels!


SamKnob -3243

I had fun taking pictures in the tunnel.


SamKnob -3242

And more tunnels. I was easily entertained and didn’t ask “Are we there yet?” once.



SamKnob -3267

The trail up to Sam Knob from Black Balsam Parking Area goes through a meadow before climbing right up that hill.


SamKnob -3279

From the top you can look right down on the trail


SamKnob -3280

The view in every direction is pretty good or that’s what I thought until I went to the other side!


SamKnob -3313

This is the spot! This is what makes it all worth it!


SamKnob -3296

At an Elevation of 6050 ft it was pleasant but not hot.


SamKnob -3309

I met Katy. She was happy to be out but very out of breath.


SamKnob -3310

Her mom explained that Katy’s not used to getting so much exercise.  Katy just wiped her nose and muttered something about If you had such short legs and big paws you too might be out of breath.



The other nice thing about this place is there’s no poison ivy! And no poison ivy means happy itch free days.


SamKnob -3349

Knowing that makes this view all that more beautiful.


SamKnob -3361

Fork Mountain to the right, Fork Ridge to the left.


SamKnob -3368

I thought I’d wait for a sunset but just then the fog blew in and that was that.


SamKnob -3391

Some days you don’t get a sunset and that’s ok,

it can still be a really nice day.


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  1. maybe we can go hiking there when I come by again, though all my walking here has been in flat flat florida, those hill might get me !


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