I don’t need a bath

by - 8:12 AM

dog bath-4510

For some reason they think I need a bath. It’s not like I don’t get plenty of baths on my own, I go in the frog pond quite a bit and I run through the creek. But for some reason they want to give me a bath with that funny smelling soap.


dog bath-4501

I put up with it and humor them, it makes them happy and gives them something to do. Plus they got that tick I’d been meaning to tell them about. It actually went more like “Oh my gaawd! Is that a tick?!” I got excited and tried to jump up and look but just got told “No, no, don’t shake.” I didn’t mean to shake, it was just my tail that got going.


dog bath-4513

Then they put me right in that red tote! I thought I wouldn’t like it, but on a day like today it felt pretty good.


dog bath-4517

I still wanted to get out and have a luxurious shake.


dog bath-4524

I was really thinking about it.


dog bath-4528

I gave a quick Dick Cheney smile. 


dog bath-4535

Oh yes! Fetch, I’ve gotten better at that, I bring the ball back 99% of the time now and people want to play with me more. It’s great!


dog bath-4538

But sometimes when I try to get fancy


dog bath-4552

I miss the ball and have to turn around real quick. I like how the dust stirs up and sticks to my damp coat.


dog bath-4570

I was tempted to stop right there and roll around in that dust


dog bath-4571

But I like catching that tennis ball in the air and I really like those random biscuits 


dog bath-4584

that come from that jar.


dog bath-4578

I really don’t have favorites, well I do I like the yellow ones and I like the orange ones and the green one and the red ones.  I was so excited I think I swallowed the first few without chewing at all.


dog bath-4566

Even though I might not have wanted a bath I feel great now.


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  1. Funny dog. Funny people. Now I must stop playing around on the computer and go to the farmers market before all the good stuff is gone.

  2. The experimental cookJuly 1, 2012 at 4:42 AM

    Can't tell you enough how much this brightens up my day.

  3.  I'm so glad to hear it and hope you father in-law is doing well


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