Do I need to Clean my sensor?

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I have never cleaned the sensors on my cameras since I’ve owned them.

1. I never thought about it.

2. When I changed lenses outside I just held my breath sure that that would somehow keep any dust from getting in there.

Then I read how to see if your sensor has stuff on it by simply taking a photo at f/22 of the sky or a white piece of paper and you see dark spots or are just finding yourself cloning out spots in the sky of photos shot at f/22 or what ever your lens’s highest aperture is.

Well that was me. So I took my cameras to get their sensors cleaned.


sensor meetup-6850


Mike was awesome and cleaned sensors for those of us who were too chicken to do it our selves. He started out by putting on gloves.


sensor meetup-4479


Then he wiped everything down.


sensor meetup-6883


He then locked up the mirror.


sensor meetup-6852


Took this blower thing


sensor meetup-6881


And blew it out careful to hold the camera up so the dust will fall out and not back in.


sensor meetup-6876


Then he took this  looking thing, yeah, a magnifying glass sort of thing with a light


sensor meetup-6849


to look at the sensor and see if the blower thing did the trick.


sensor meetup-6919


Joe wasn’t chicken, he did his camera himself.


sensor meetup-6923


Next they got out a brush wiper thing,


sensor meetup-6866


sensor cleaner


sensor meetup-6853


and put drop on the wiper brush.


sensor meetup-6867


Mike carefully wiped it across just the sensor.



sensor meetup-6875


Then he used something called a lens pen that looks like it’s got a weird eraser on the end.


sensor meetup-4469


I think it’s sorta like a mini carpet sweeper and supposed to pick up stuff.


sensor meetup-6873


Got the blower back out


sensor meetup-6879


Then he used what looked to me to be an ordinary paint brush and brushed out any thing left in there.



sensor meetup-6927


Put the lens back on, took a look at the sky and we were good to go.

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  1. cookwithnobooks.blogspot.comApril 15, 2013 at 11:03 PM

    Wow, its like the camera had day surgery. Looking forward to more awesome pictures with your 'rejuvenated' camera.


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