Sunset from Max Patch

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max patch summer--19


A sunset from Max Patch.


max patch summer-7811


it looks like there’s a wedding happening right on the top of the hill!


max patch summer-7812


I instantly notice the shoot belt/apron thingy/that’s like a shoot sac but a belt. I like it and want to ask her about it. But I know she’s busy so I don’t.


max patch summer-7813


I’ve always thought Max Patch would be a great place to photograph a wedding!


max patch summer-15413


The photographers were super nice.


max patch summer-15414


and everyone had fun with the photos. Especially the bride and groom!

max patch summer-15417


But I was looking at the people making it happen on the right. Primary photographer down low to give a better perspective for the jumping photo, the second shooter and third shooter. And then the ever observant assistant who didn’t seem to need to be spoken to and just knew when to pull out the reflector.

Reflectors are cool. I want one.


max patch summer--8

There is still quite a bit of time before the sun goes down, so how ‘bout we go see the pond just down the road?

This way to the pond!


max patch summer--12


I like it, but can you just picture this when the leaves change?


max patch summer--11


The bugs are eating me alive! Just a minute, I’m going to go ask that lady sitting in the lawn chair in the shade if I can have some of her bug spray.


max patch summer-7845-2


She had two cans and was happy to share.


max patch summer--16


Alright, it’s about time to catch the sunset! We can make it if we hurry.


max patch summer--17


Hmm, do you hear thunder? Yeah, I think I did too.


max patch summer--19


max patch summer--20


max patch summer--22


Yup, more thunder.


max patch summer--26


max patch summer--27


Alright we’re out of here, thanks for coming along!

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