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Some times I try making up new recipes or randomly making something from no recipe. I don’t always remember to take photos of each step and I don’t really worry about it because after all this is just a test recipe.

Most of these photos just get forgotten because it’s just a test pizza or tart.

So here’s what was on my camera:




I had these pretty little tomatoes, peppers and bacon bits. Looked like pizza to me. so I made some gluten free pizza crust without using a premixed package. …it wasn't so great, I have to work on it a bit more. So never mind about the crust.




I started with a layer of fresh pesto, a few slices of feta cheese sprinkled around,mozzarella and then tomato slices.




Topped it with bacon




and some bell peppers.




And cheese of course.




While that one was baking I started on another one.




This one I started with tomato sauce then layered feta, mozzarella, tomato slices and what was left of the green peppers.






tomato tarts-13859


One day I decided to make some tarts without a tart pan and no recipe.


tomato tarts-13868


I mixed some sour cream with some meat pie filling I’d discovered in the freezer.


tomato tarts-13869




tomato tarts-13870


Then just put slices of tomatoes on top and baked them.

I’d get right back to these recipes, but the tomato plants just died so it might be a while before I post the revised recipe.

Happy labor day!

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