That time of year ~PhotoADay

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1 everywhere a sign

1/500 sec f/2.8  ISO-200


PhotoADay time again.

This month I’m working off of

September 365 Photo Challenge Tag your photos with #CY365.’s list


1. Everywhere A Sign
2. Still Life
3. Back To School
4. Indulge Yourself
5. Soft
6. On The Left
7. Black And White
8. Simple
9. Routine
10. Around The House
11. On The Schedule
12. Details of the Day
13. On The Table
14. Typical
15. How I Relax
16. What’s In Your Bag
17. On A Board
18. Sugar and Spice
19. Morning Sun
20. Power Lines
21. Brown
22. Changes
23. Breathe
24. Get Wet
25. Notes
26. Goodbye Summer
27. Bubbles
28. In Disguise
29. Puppy Dog Eyes
30. The End





and FatMumSlim’s list. I like working off two lists I have more inspiration that way.


1 sign

1/100 sec f/4  ISO-200

1 sign 2

1/15 sec f/5  ISO-400

2 still life


3 mismatch

You must always wear matching socks when responding to a structure fire.

I must know this rule because I wasted 30 extra seconds picking out what I thought was two socks with pink toes. When I got home and took my shoes off this is what I found! 


4 his favorite

1/1250 sec f/3.2  ISO-200

And I thought this was curious George’s man in the yellow hat, even though I now see it’s not a yellow hat. Just pretend you didn’t see the 2yr old give me the “If I have to explain it to you you wouldn’t understand” look.

Happy shooting, and remember the only bad photo is the one you didn’t take.

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