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29 lucky


29 lucky 2

This is the first time I’ve ever had fresh figs right off a tree. So good! I’ve seen some beautiful recipes for fig tarts and I thought briefly about making something but  I hadn’t picked quite enough for tarts so I ate them one at a time. Yup,every single one of them and that’s the end of the fig story until I go visit again.


25 culture

There’s something called dirt road culture right?

26 on the floor

I was told it’s a “Piggy pet”. Please don’t ask any more, I couldn’t begin to tell you.


26 entrance

27 10 min from home

The boys are out loading and hauling rocks. Must be they’ve got a road building project or something.


27 sign

This is definitely a sign! How often do you see something like this?

27 sign 3

And duh, the waves are coming in.

27 sign 4

27 sign 5

27 sign 2

In case you had any doubt, Dance where ever you may be.


28 corridor

28 looking back


30 cupcake

I did not make these and they are not gluten free but they are pretty.

30 cluttered

That stuff inside of computers is all very cluttered

31 family

One for saturday early.

This little dog, is family. That was obvious the minute I saw them. Her daddy takes her where ever he goes. Her favorite spot is right there on his lap.

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