PhotoADay ~ a day with no rain

by - 4:56 PM

12 macro

1/500 sec      f/2.8     ISO-100    50mm

7 a sign


7 weather

The standard look of summer this year.

8 hope rose leaf

ROSE (LEAF) - You May Hope


8 hope


ZINNIA (MIXED) - Thinking (or In Memory) of an Absent Friend

ZINNIA (SCARLET) - Constancy

ZINNIA (WHITE) - Goodness


8 peekaboo 2

So wet the tree frogs are climbing the door.

8 peekaboo 3


8 peekaboo


9 1pm

This quarry is on both sides of the road, if you stop, or go real slow you can see the rock leaving the crusher falling onto a conveyor that goes right under you.

9 108pm

If you turn and look out the other window you’ll see it coming up that same long conveyor.


10 random

Mmm, Piggie. Piggie slept out in the rain.


11 love doing this

Some day I will actually get you a photo of lightning.

13 fast

14 no rain

14 no rain 2


15 number 715 7

Same seven, just more rusty metal.

16 cooking

That’s all for now I have zucchini bread to make.

Happy PhotoADay-ing!

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