Black eyed Susie Brown

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A couple more photos from the Max Patch trip. This view was from “The easy way down” trail. 


Max Patch-1-3


I looked out and I saw it!  That patch of Black Eyed Susans way down there. I knew the photo I wanted was there, I just had to get to it. So I stumbled through the grass and scratched my legs in the berry vines and nasty thistle things that look very innocent until you touch them and find out they have stabby things on them.

Max Patch-1-4


I think it was worth it.

When I see a bunch of Black-eyed Susans I think of Carson Peters singing Black eyed Susie

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  1. Love, Love, Love the first picture of the group. Just enough of everything. Don't know who Carson Peters is but he is a whiz and a double strength cutie !


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